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I am dedicated to helping you reach your health and nutrition goals. Through personalized nutrition counseling, I will help you to get the results that you want. Together, we will work, hands-on, to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Are you an RD-to-be or a dietitian looking to start or grow a private practice?

PorrazzaNutrition has helped a variety of Dietitians navigate through insurance claims, streamline office procedures and boost their client retention. See how Felicia can help you take your business to the next level!

For new


Do you have the knowledge of nutrition, but just can't seem to get yourself motivated?

Quit the fad diets, meal plans, and quick-fixes and finally have a long-term healthy eating plan. No more calorie counting and no more "off-limits" foods. See how PorrazzaNutrition can work with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan.

For Dietitians

Have you struggled with weight-loss? Are you tired of the yo-yo dieting? 

If you are ready to end the cycle of dieting, then you have come to the right place! My name is Felicia Porrazza and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a Masters in Dietetics Administration. I started PorrazzaNutrition to share my knowledge and passion for healthy eating with others. I am a traveling dietitian conducting in-and-out-of-home counseling and cooking sessions and work-site wellness programming.

My goal with PorrazzaNutrition is to help you bridge the gap between knowing what to do about healthy eating (and exercise) and taking the steps towards doing something about it! I believe healthy eating is a lifestyle change, not a diet, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Learn how to reclaim your health and create action steps towards your personalized success. Contact me to find out how to get started on your healthy lifestyle journey today!

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Say goodbye to dieting and hello to a permanent healthy lifestyle solution!


  • Weight-loss and Management

  • Disease prevention and management
  • ​Cooking Classes
  • ​Business Coaching for RDs