My Professional Credentials/Memberships

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (CDR)
Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (PA)

Masters in Dietetics Administration (USU)

Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Member of the AND Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group
Member of the AND Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group

Member of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Vice Chair of the Women in Business Committee for the GNPCC

Co-Chair of the Young Leadership Network Committee for the GNPCC
Member of the Philadelphia Dietetics Association 

Career Guidance Coordinator for the PDA

​Eat Right PA Blogger

My Story

Registered Dietitian, plant-based, and absolutely passionate about what I do!

Get yourself started with a healthier lifestyle today! Contact me for more information about your personalized nutrition sessions! 

​​​Hi there and welcome to PorrazzaNutrition! My name is Felicia Porrazza and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters in Dietetics Administration and license in Pennsylvania. My practice is largely focused on in-home counseling services; however, in-office and on-site counseling is also available upon request. I find that in-home visits allow my clients to feel the most comfortable and also allows them to show me the exact products they may have questions about. I have experience in both 1-on-1 and group counseling, nutrition presentations, work-site wellness, cooking classes and demonstrations, disease management, weight-loss support groups, walking groups, and much more! I have worked in both a community and retail dietitian position. I use only evidence-based practices when helping clients manage their nutrition. I don't believe in dieting or quick fixes since these approaches typically do not last very long. I find my clients lead happier and healthier lives when they use the "all foods fit" approach. Changing your lifestyle is about incorporating small behavior modification strategies that will leave you feeling good, not deprived. 

I recently expanded my business to include personalized coaching for dietitians looking to either start their own private practice or build up their counseling/teaching skills. Contact me for more information about this service!